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Shefford Park Shoot is a small partridge and pheasant shoot that offers good high quality birds, in a fun relaxed environment, with the day catered to your needs. We are situated in Great Shefford, just off junction 14 of the M4, only an hour from London. The Shoot offers some fantastic partridge and pheasant days shooting. We offer 100 bird days to 300 bird days. Take an enjoyable day for you and seven guns. The pheasants and partridges are fast and high making it both challenging and sporting. We shoot from the middle of September to the middle of January. In May to July we put on simulated clay days shooting, so you can keep your eye in over the summer. We also organize hunting trips around the UK and in Africa.


We can do all sorts of different eleven's, from the classic winter warmer soup and sausages to smoked salmon and champagne. Guests are requested to bring 4x4's, but we can arrange 4x4 vehicles if needed. Any special requests such as instructors or a photographer or anything else that we can do to make your day more enjoyable, can be organised for the day with prior notice.

Rough shooting. Shefford Park is able to cater for those that wish to go rough shooting/boundary days for those wanting to do smaller days, or smaller teams. 


As well as working closely with estates in Scotland, we also have some fantastic roe, fallow and muntjac stalking back home on the shoot. There are some very nice medal muntjac and roe bucks.