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This is a private shoot, run as a sporting club, that offers good quality birds in a fun and relaxed environment. It is situated at Great Shefford in West Berkshire, approximately an hour and a quarter from Central London.


The shoot offers days ranging from 150 to 300 birds and is ideally suited for lines of eight or nine guns. The rolling Berkshire hills provide sporting birds which can prove challenging to even the most experienced of shots.


Shefford Park shoot from the middle of September to the end of January, with smaller days on offer towards the end of the season.


Hospitality is an important part of the day and we offer a delicious elevenses in the form of a fun BBQ with game skewers. Guns are also treated to a fantastic lunch back at the Lovelocks Shoot Lodge, where they are able to relax with a drink in front of a roaring fire and discuss the day.


Shefford Park Shoot prides itself on organising memorably fun days with a great atmosphere.

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